Costume Photography
What better way to top off ye adventures than
with a souvenir photo. Caribbean Pirate is the
only venue that offers costume photography
on the island. We'll print your pictures while
you browse the
Deck or email your mates
back home in
Captain's Quarters.  Plus it's a
heck of a good time
A Merry Yarn

During Pirates Week 2005 the Travel
Channel came to the Cayman Islands
filming a piece entitled

We were honored to have them visit our
store along with a veteran Seattle
Seafair Pirate and his wife.

The couple were renewing their wedding
vows whilst on the Island and had their
picture taken to further commemorate
the occasion.  

To the Pirate Bride and groom!

"Good sailing me hearties"
Caribbean Pirate
Avast Ye!!!
Some of ye buccaneers rushed off in search for more booty before we could get your
permission to use your picture on this here site.  But then again who needs permission when ye
be a pirate argh!  To have it thrown overboard just
click here.
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